Per Season

Ages 3 – 12yrs.
Our 8-week training program allows us to provide enough teaching that allows the kids to improve from any level they arrive here at. Also, within 8 weeks, children learn and have fun without getting tired of the activities, or the sport itself. Our set up includes soccer games, every other Saturday in the 8 weeks of the entire program. The four games allow kids to play games against other children within the 2in1Soccer organization. Due to long weekends, and/or weather conditions, some seasons are limited to 3 game days. For more information on our set up and games, click here.


Prices Per Season (Excluding 5% GST). No Extra Cost for Games

Per Season Discounts
Ages 3-4 [30mins]
One Day a week – $85
Two Days a week – $170
2 Registrations – 10% off
Ages 5-8 [45mins]
One Day a week – $99
Two Days a week – $198
3+ Registrations – 15% off
Ages 9-12 [60mins]
One Day a week – $110
Two Days a week – $220
$10 Discount per referral

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Adults/ Parents
One Day a week – $80
Games Included in Prices

Games | You are responsible for making sure you attend every game and on time. No refund for missed games. No refund for cancelled games due to weather. Games are an added bonus for kids, they’re not included in fee. But all kids are welcome to play.

Refund Policy 

$10 cancellation fee applies to processed registrations. If cancellation is within 2 weeks of practice, the refund is 75%. There is no refund for participants that attend 3 full weeks. Due to weather circumstances, one time cancellation of games and practices are expected and are not refunded.

Extra Small – Extra Large: $50
Practice t-shirts: $20

*You are not expected to buy uniforms every season; children don’t grow out of their uniforms until 2 years later for the most part. 

Our Programs


Fall Season

8 Weeks Indoors

Winter Season

8 Weeks Indoors

Summer Camps


Spring Season

8 Weeks Outdoors