About Us

2in1Soccer is a comprehensive youth program aimed at imparting soccer skills and knowledge to young players. Our main objective is to teach the fundamentals of soccer to beginners while honing the abilities of those who are already familiar with the sport. Through our carefully designed 8-week training program, we strive to transform every participant into a highly knowledgeable and skilled soccer player. Our training sessions encompass a range of essential drills, including passing, shooting, dribbling, heading, and ball control.

In addition to soccer skills, our program also emphasizes the development of self-discipline and teamwork among the kids. We believe that learning the basics of soccer should be an enjoyable experience for all participants. Therefore, we prioritize the principles of fun and learning in our system. Our coaches possess a wealth of experience either as high-level soccer players or certified coaches, ensuring that our participants receive top-notch guidance and instruction.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish ourselves as the premier grassroots soccer program in Metro Vancouver. Through our commitment to quality coaching, we aim to not only develop players’ soccer skills but also discreetly impart important life skills that children use in their everyday lives. Our program is designed to create a learning environment where children can have fun while gaining valuable life experiences.


our staff is committed to cultivating a love and passion for soccer within our community. We believe in the transformative power of sports and we strive to provide our youth with a valuable extracurricular experience that is both engaging and fun. Our team is dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere for all our players, where they can develop their skills and build friendships. As members of the community, we are proud to be a part of 2in1 soccer and we are committed to fostering a love of soccer and promoting healthy, active lifestyles.


We value qualified and passionate coaches who hold a BC Soccer coaching license, as well as a proven playing record. We entrust our coaches with the task of creating a safe and inclusive environment for our players, with the help of an assistant or volunteer. Our coaches work hard to plan training sessions and collaborate with assistants to create a fun and meaningful experience for our players. We are proud of our dedicated and professional coaching staff, whose commitment to soccer and our community ensures continued growth and success

Assistant Coaches

Assistant coaches must have recent experience or currently play for a soccer team, but coaching experience is not necessary. The assistant coach development program provides a nurturing environment for players who aspire to develop leadership skills, influence, and coaching experience. The assistant coach development program invites passionate players to join and shape the next generation of soccer stars.

Volunteer Coaches

We believe that volunteer coaches are essential in inspiring and motivating young soccer players. Volunteers can work directly at 2in1 Soccer or participate in after-school programs to hold coaching sessions in elementary schools. The program seeks passionate soccer players with a wealth of soccer knowledge. Volunteers will be placed in an elementary school closest to their home to help streamline their commute. Volunteer coaches have the opportunity to establish a lasting relationship with the academy and increase their chances of becoming assistant or head coaches in the future.

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