2in1Soccer is a youth program that is designed to pass on soccer skills and knowledge to the youth. The goal here is to teach the basics of soccer to kids who are new to soccer, and to develop the skills of those who have already been playing. We came up with an 8-week training program that is designed to develop any player into a very knowledgeable, good soccer player. Drills will include passing, shooting, dribbling, heading, and ball control.

This program also teaches kids self-discipline, and how to work as a team. As we are targeting to make sure all the kids learn the basic skills, we also prioritize that they have fun, the two principles that make up our system. Our coaches have either experience of playing high level soccer and or have coaching certificates.

Mission Statement

To become the leading grassroots soccer program in Metro Vancouver by providing quality coaching that also discretely includes teaching life-skills used by children everyday, allowing them to learn and have fun.


Our staff must provide us with a Criminal Record Check before they join the team. Coaches and Assistants must have First Aid, or be willing to get First Aid within the first week of working. We have staff from all different backgrounds, male and females who all bring in a variety of experience.


Must present a coaching license from BC Soccer, and a proven playing record. Coaches are in charge of their location and ensuring that they have an assistant or volunteer. Coaches plan training sessions and share it with their assistants so they can work together each week.

Assistant Coaches

Must be currently playing for a soccer team, either school, college, or club. Coaching experience is not a necessity, but it’s an asset that improves your chances of working with us.

Volunteer Coaches

One can either work with us directly at 2in1Soccer along with the coaches and assistant coaches, or you can be placed in the after school programs where you hold soccer coaching sessions in the elementary schools. We are looking for soccer players with soccer knowledge that they can pass on to the kids. We will work to get an elementary school closest to where you live to make your commute easier. Volunteer coaches have the chance to build a lasting relationship with our academy, thus increasing your chances of becoming an assistant coach or head