Co-ed Tots Program. Some separate Boys/ Girls classes from 5yrs up.

  • 8-Week Soccer Program, maximum of 4 Game Days.

  • Games on every other Saturday, skipping the first Saturday of the season.

  • Co-ed Tots program (3yrs-4yrs old). Possible Boys/ Girls Classes from 5yrs up

  • Games are played between 11:30am and 11:30am; youngest kids play first.

  • Planned total of 4 games, but due to weather cancellations, some seasons can have 3 games

2in1Soccer is designed for beginners, and experienced children. Rules according to BC Soccer are modified to meet the developmental standards of 2in1Soccer; promoting fun, learning and interaction. Findings at 2in1Soccer are that, the more fun a child has while learning a new sport, the greater likelihood of remaining active in the ‘game’ throughout their lives, regardless of their level of ability. We run an 8-week development program, with a class every week. Due to unforeseen circumstances not in our control, such as weather, long weekend, or a school event; we always anticipate one class being cancelled. If more than one class is cancelled, 2in1 Soccer will provide a make up class.

No league standings, no pressure to win; therefore, learning and development without stress.

OUR GAMES ARE EVERY OTHER WEEK ON SATURDAYS between 8:30am and 11:30am; youngest kids play first. Therefore, youngest kids would play first, and 11-12yr olds would play last. Games allow children to add a competitive edge into their development, but without the pressure to win as experienced in a league. Please note that due to long weekends, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances; a season could have 3 games. 

Stage 1 | Active Start | 3-4yr olds


  • Stimulating practices and games that develop basic technical skills in a FUN atmosphere.
  • Movement exercises and games that promote a feel for the ball
  • Basic principles of play within a fun but structured setting + informal games at the end of practices
  • Play equal time and try all team
  • Dribbling with all parts of the foot, combined with simple techniques for changing direction (turns, drag backs)
  • Basic shooting where players experience success and the thrill of a goal!
  • Emphasis on the individual.
  • Develops basic movement skills in running, jumping, kicking, throwing and catching.
  • Promote fun and passion for play.
  • Include other fun games and mix around activities.
  • Increase positive attitude and self-esteem.

Stage 2 | FUNdamentals | 5-8yr olds


  • Stimulating practices and games that develop basic technical skills in a FUN atmosphere.
  • Emphasis on movement exercises and games that promote a feel for the ball
  • Basic principles of play within a fun but structured setting.
  • Technique development through fun. Emphasize skills and ABCs, not tactics.
  • Develop dribbling, and introduce dribbling with sole, inside and outside of foot.
  • Develop techniques for turning and changing direction, techniques such as inside and outside hooks, even step overs and scissors.
  • Develop short passing with side foot and laces, and develop concept of passing to feet. Introduce receiving with inside and outside of foot and instep, and introduce ‘‘crossing’’ and shooting while dribbling.
  • Basic game concepts and rules. Introduce team cooperation, but emphasis is still on the individual.
  • Finding space is important.
  • Develop the ABCs of movement: agility, balance, coordination and speed.
  • Speed training; focus on quickness and agility, running, jumping, kicking, throwing and catching.
  • Develop flexibility and suppleness.
  • Basic game awareness and situations/formats to develop decision making.
  • Promote positive attitude and self-esteem.Fair play and ethics.
  • Promote group interaction skills.

Stage 3 | Long Term Player Development | 9-12yr olds


  • Disciplined training and understanding of principles of play alongside their skills practice.
  • Emphasize repetitions to develop technical proficiency.
  • Creating a fun and challenging environment to promote a love of the game.
  • Game formats can range from 6v6 to 8v8 as players advance through this stage – the emphasis is still FUN.
  • All players play equal, try all team positions. Training to competition ratio: 2 to 3 training sessions for every game.
  • Focus on technique, skill development and introduce tactics.
  • Golden age of skills learning. Teach more advanced skills and movements. Practice skills in games
  • Develop and refine dribbling. Continue to develop turns, drag backs, shielding, and hooks, plus step overs and scissors.
  • Refine short passing, develop passing with outside of foot and chips, and introduce medium and long passes.
  • Introduce receiving with all parts of the body and shooting with volleys and half-volleys.
  • Heading may be introduced towards the end of this stage.
  • Introduce attack and defense principles and basic team play with 2 and 3 player combinations.
  • Introduce positional awareness in a variety of positions. Teach basic set pieces (free kicks, correct throw-ins).
  • Introduce warm-up. Continue to develop quickness and agility.
  • Introduce basic mental preparation with goal-setting, determination and concentration.

Game rules according to BC Soccer, some adjustments made to accommodate 2in1Soccer

3-4yr olds

4 vs 4 | max of 8 kids
No structure. 30 mins games

5-8yr olds

5 vs 5 | max of 8 kids per team
2 x 15 Mins Halves
30 Meters Width: 20 Meters

9-12yr olds

7 vs 7 | max of 11 kids per team
2 x 25 Mins Halves
Length: 60 Meters Width: 45 Meters