Daycare / Preschool Program

Do you want to offer more for the children at your daycare? Most parents are not able to put their kids in daycare, and have time to put these kids into organized sports due to busy work schedules. Parents want their children to stay active and have fun with sports.

The service we offer to daycares is like no other; all our coaches are certified, quality soccer players, and they have background check done with us. The goal is not to turn the kids into professional soccer players, but rather to provide them with a fun sporting activity whilst attending your daycare. The children will subtly learn life skills, they will stay fit, and most importantly they will have fun. With every coach being a certified soccer coach and a talented soccer player, the kids will have a great learning experience that most children are missing out on even in the house soccer leagues.

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School Days

One day a week program with an option of 6 weeks, 8 weeks, or 10 weeks.
Sessions are 45 minutes:
For Daycare
For Preschool

Choose a start date, and end date depends on how many weeks you choose.

Non School Days

One hour a day with an option of: 1-5 days a week
Sessions are 45 minutes:

Choose a start date, and end date depends on how many weeks you choose.

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