The 2in1 soccer academy is exceptional in every way. A great learning & development program for both children starting out and those looking to develop and enhance their skills further. The coaches are very professional, kind and great with kids who enjoy every minute whilst learning every aspect of soccer, which is a testament to their coaching abilities. Most importantly the academy is true to it’s name & motto, a place where children “learn and have fun”
Bobbi, Fraser Heights
Thank you for all your hard work. As a professional coach, I want to tell you that I am very impressed with the coaches. The coach is on the ball and very literate when it comes to dealing with children and drills. Thank you for creating a great club and I do wish you well, more participants will come as good words in sports travel fast.
Tara, Cloverdale
My son loves playing soccer. It’s a highlight to his week. He takes away much more than learning the sport though. Coach Kuda teaches the children control, patience and so much more that is also used outside the soccer field! From the moment we get there we see smiles and kids learning at all different stages! The coaches teach on a child’s level.
Danielle, Fraser Heights
Great program for families! My son looks forward to his class every week. Coaches are knowledgeable and good with kids. Locations are convenient. Fees super affordable. Thanks 2in1Soccer
Carla, Cloverdale
My Boy loves it – plus it is very good for him. He has a hard time focusing at school and struggles with gross motor skills. This has been the best thing for him plus Coach Brock is great with him and all the kids – he has patience but also doesn’t let him get away with anything 🙂 My son is excited to go every week and can’t wait to get home and practice soccer with his dad after school. It builds up his confidence and burns off the extra energy. Thanks for this program. :)
Natasha, Sullivan Heights
My girls love playing with great coaches , they have learnt so much and always have a blast thanks again for everything.
Jen Cooper, Fraser Heights
Before I put my son’s in 2 in 1 soccer my 6 year old was so shy and wouldn’t talk to anyone. Now a year later he is social and a different child. Thank you 2 in 1 for helping my children learn to love a game, stay healthy and make friends!!!.
Maura, Fleetwood